Monday, October 17, 2011

a haunted weekend

these are from this past weekend, where me and my friends volunteered for a charity Haunting inc. you can check them out at

i liked how this photo came out i know its not a perfect compostion but i like is none the less. 
Chynna and Anna

setting up a spooky barn 

Anna with her zombie makeup before all the blood was added. 

Connie was basically the founder of Haunting inc. It was her 
brain child and she will be missed. her memorial in the haunted grave yard.

Anna after all the blood at our scene. we were corn zombies. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

beginning of a career path

So this week i got my first decent camera, a canon EOS Rebel T3. I am in love with it so far but i am still getting used to having a camera thats not just point click and done. Here are some of the photos that i have taken these past few days.
i found that taking pictures one handed with this camera is really hard. 
but i still managed. 

I was testing out the self timer that it had in this and the 
next picture. but without a proper tripod i had to rig it to my grill out back XD

gremlin. yes he cant get wet and we dont feed him after dark. XD

and this is my snake Kyoya. He is a ball python and very shy.